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Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSP&RIT) is an organization of Indigenous and Earth Peoples dedicated to preserving traditional Native American cultural and spiritual freedom. This mission includes the protection of Sacred Sites and Places (cemeteries and churches), preserving the right to practice traditional spiritual (religious) ceremonies, and respect for the traditional cultural customs (behavior) of Native Americans.

SSP&RIT Objectives

  • We promote respect for the Indigenous Peoples that lessen community tensions through community involvement, and charitable assistance programs. This includes attending and participating in community events, and contributions to local charities.
  • We support the endeavors of all Indigenous Peoples to maintain their sovereignty as individual Clans, Bands, Tribes, and Nations. We give this support through information networking, resolutions of support, attending tribal ceremonies and gatherings and inclusion to our presentations.
  • We champion the traditional ways of Indigenous Peoples and the spiritual freedom of all Earth Peoples through the conduct of our daily lives.
  • We petition governments with grievances to the violation of the human and civil rights of Indigenous People and desecration of Sacred Sites. We speak out against legislation that violates the sovereign rights of Indigenous People.
  • We educate members of the community the public of the moral and legal obligation to preserve and protect Sacred Sites and Places and to uphold the civil and human rights of all Indigenous Peoples through seminars, workshops, discussion groups and participation to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against Indigenous Peoples.
  • We affirm that All Life Is Sacred.

We are keenly aware of the conditions that have a negative impact upon the well-being of Native People, the health issues as a result of poor economic conditions, and because of the effects of genocide, many have lost self-esteem and pride.

We are combating juvenal delinquency by keeping alive our traditional life style, spirituality, art and culture by speaking directly to the community, identifying role models who can inspire our youth to be proud of the accomplishments of our people, and always remember the struggle, hardship, pain and death our ancestors had to endure to preserve the ways of life the whole world has come to respect.

We battle prejudice and discrimination by inviting the public to our meetings, gatherings and ceremonies so they can experience the spiritual culture of Indigenous Peoples first hand. We offer insight to the similarities of Native American spirituality and other religions and faiths. We demonstrate that the Native American Culture still lives and is relevant in contemporary society. And everyone is welcomed to become involved.

We promote awareness of the spiritual culture and history of Native Americans. SSP&RIT volunteers speak throughout the state about the disrespect and desecration of Native American Sacred Places, presenting cultural information about what a Sacred Place is and how it is threatened. And we involve the audience with open discussion about the future impact of the loss of such places. The many diverse groups who reside in this area also benefit from our efforts to educate the children and give the respect that Native American people and their culture so richly deserve.

Besides working in conjunction with local community leaders, we are also collaborating with other non-profit organizations and tribal councils in the Bay Area to bring health, education and welfare to the urban Natives and provide a wholesome and healthy environment in which to teach and raise our children.

To contact SSP&RIT, please email secretary.ssp_rit [at] yahoo.com
Thank you!

"All Life Is Sacred"

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